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Malaiye is an Entertainer and Entrepreneur who has experience working with CEOs, Veteran Industry Leaders and Creatives that have helped develop the blueprint to her career. 

Born and Raised in Los Angeles, California. Malaiye has trained in the fine arts for over a decade. Malaiye has developed profound skill sets within the arts ranging from acting, singing, dancing, filmmaking, writing, directing and so forth. Malaiye’s understanding of the importance of having range within such a large industry led her to dive into the career of business. From college through entering her career, Malaiye has work experience within Public Relations, Marketing, and Event Coordinating. Malaiye has worked with A-list clientele, Presidents of Multi-million dollar companies, 5x Platinum award winning music executives, Award Shows, and Start up companies.

Throughout years of gaining business experience, Malaiye began to combine the fine arts world with the business world. From producing her own projects, to providing hospitality and production services for live and streaming events. Malaiye utilizes her skill sets in all rooms she enters, crafting opportunities to be able to gain and maintain relationships that continuously expands her life and career.

In the current year of 2022, Malaiye is the Executive Producer for her debut film and EP, “Deserve”. Malaiye is also a Mentor for WACO Theater Center, “For Teens By Teens” Film Program. As well as providing hospitality and/or production services for live events with The Miracle Theater in Inglewood, California, Matrix Studios based in Los Angeles and Miami, and Viper based in Los Angeles, California.

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