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What It Feels Like: Releasing To Recieve

I feel like falling in love… with a bag. I’ve gotten a clearer perspective on what’s out there and what I want in terms of all the relationships in my life. I owe that to the work I consistently do on myself, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The clearer I get in that area, the clearer I get on what I want. My everyday circumstances have changed. Who I was 3 years, even 6 months ago is a completely different person than who I am now. Most people I knew back then I don’t know now. My closest friends fit on one hand, but I have an amazing community and network that consists of hundreds of different people.

I rank everyone I know in terms of our relationship, it’s part of my training lol... What is our role for each other? Where’s our placement in each other's lives? How comfortable are we with each other? Do we bring out the best in each other or the worst? What is the point of our relationship? My reality is, anyone in my life has to be aligned with what I got going on, and I have to be aligned with what they got going on, at any sort of capacity.

I swear I used to always be in some sort of Romeo and Juliet type of friendship. Red Flag #1. I’ve never done well with cliques, so I would end up being close with like 1-2 people from different cliques, then just switch from one group to the next. The closeness of those individual friendships were never publicized. Which of course soon carried over into my dating life. Now I don’t date hop, but I forsure love a little secret (and no not homewrecking… that’s just dusty, but I do have some experiences with a few that tried #girlpower... We’ll chat later). Red Flag #2

Being private about your love life is one thing, that should be a requirement. However, me, myself… I don’t get to the point of showcasing who I’m infatuated with. Matter of fact, I’ve never gotten to the point of claiming someone. Publicly, I’m single. Privately, I-… AHA! Kiss my A**!

Sheesh, that’s Red Flag #3… In my complete defense, the men I attracted at that time were all on board because they weren’t shit either… so umm round of applause for self awareness.

However as a new and improved woman… I’m attracting different.. I think (We’ll see..). The expectations have changed, my intentions have changed, my desires, wants and needs have changed. That’s my key, moving intentionally and gracefully towards what I want. And refusing to accept anything less than what I give, not even giving those situations a chance to live. Now this goes for more than dating, this goes for life in general. It’s easy for history to hold us hostage, but it’s important to remember this overall experience and the experiences we’ll have are all temporary. All this sh*t’s temporary.

Now’s the time to identify and overcome any resistance throughout this current climb. Live fruitfully, live with no limitations, and create your narrative.

Let go of anything or anyone who does not align with that.

Speak soon <3


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